1901 Baseball Season

1901 Baseball Season Highlights

In 1901, Honus Wagner led the National League in both steals and RBIs.
In 1901, Honus Wagner led the National League in both steals and RBIs.

The American League opened for business during the 1901 baseball season, and this marked the first time in a decade that there were two major leagues. Powerhouses like Nap Lajoie and Honus Wagner also helped to make this historic season memorable. Below, you will find highlights from the 1901 baseball season:

  • The first game in American League history is played on April 24 at the Chicago Cricket Club. The final score is Chicago 6, Cleveland 2.
  • Pittsburgh wins its first major league pennant.
  • Chicago takes the first American League pennant.
  • The St. Louis Cardinals' Jesse Burkett leads the National League in batting (.376), runs (142), and hits (226).
  • The Philly's Nap Lajoie sets 20th-century record when he hits .426 to lead American League; he also wins the 1901 Triple Crown.
  • The Phillies finish second in the National League after losing Lajoie to the American League Raiders.
  • Brooklyn's Wild Bill Donovan leads the National League in wins (25) and walks (152).
  • Boston's Cy Young leads the American League with 33 wins.
  • Connie Mack manages the fledgling Philadelphia A's and will be their only manager until 1951.
  • Baltimore, behind fiery manager John McGraw, finishes only fifth despite leading the American League in batting.
  • Noodles Hahn sets a modern record for most pitching wins for a last-place team, by winning 22 for the Reds.
  • Noodles Hahn has 41 complete games, a record for a 20th-century lefty.
  • In his first full season, Christy Mathewson wins 20 games for the Giants and hurls a no-hitter vs. St. Louis on July 15.
  • On May 9, Cleveland's Earl Moore throws a no-hitter for nine innings, but loses 4-2 to the White Sox in ten innings.
  • Sam Crawford of the last-place Reds leads the National League with 16 homers.
  • Roscoe Miller of the Detroit Tigers sets a rookie record when he pitches 35 complete games.
  • The Phillies' keystone combo of Bill Hallman and Monte Cross hit .184 and .197, respectively.
  • Trailing 13-4 in the ninth inning of their first game in the American League, the Tigers rally to beat Milwaukee 14-3.
  • On April 28, for the fourth straight day, Detroit beats Milwaukee in its final at-bat.
  • Noodles Hahn fans 16 Boston Braves on May 22, a post-1893 record.
  • The White Sox collect 23 hits in a game off Cleveland's Bock Baker -- all singles.
  • Giants smack record 31 hits on June 9, six of them by Kip Selbach.
  • Philadelphia's Chick Fraser hits an American League record 31 batters.
  • On May 23, Nap Lajoie is the first player to be intentionally walked with the bases full.
  • Irv Waldron leads the American League in at-bats (598) and hits .311 in his lone major league season.
  • Roscoe Miller pitches an American League rookie record of 332 innings.
  • Willie Keeler collects at least 200 hits for the eighth straight year, a National League record.
  • Roy Thomas of the Phillies leads the National League in walks (100), but compiles only eight extra-base hits.
  • The modern infield-fly rule is adopted.
  • The Tigers commit an American League record 12 errors in a game on May 1.
  • Harley Parker of Cincinnati gives up 21 runs in a game on June 21.
  • The A's and Senators play five straight doubleheaders against each other in August.
  • Honus Wagner leads the National League in steals (49) and RBI (126).
  • Deaf-mute Dummy Taylor of New York leads the National League in starts with 43 and losses with 27.
  • On August 10, A's pitcher Lew Wiltse collects four extra-base hits in one game.

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