15 Stephen King Stories Made Into Films


Children of the Corn (1984)

This tale of terror came from a book of short stories entitled Night Shift, which also included future adaptations such as The Lawnmower Man and Graveyard Shift. The children of Gatlin, a little town in Nebraska, are called to murder by a preacher-boy named Isaac. A young couple gets in the way of their plans and creepy shots of wigged-out kids follow. Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton star as the doomed couple Burt and Vicky. In one scene, a copy of Night Shift can be seen on the dashboard of their car. This movie was universally panned, but that didn't stop it from spawning seven sequels. Most of them are as weak as the original, but the seventh film, released in 2001, is reportedly the best (and scariest) of the bunch.