15 Stephen King Stories Made Into Films


Cujo (1983)

"Here, doggie doggie! Here, doggie -- AAAAGGGGH!" That pretty much sums up the plot behind this King adaptation. Dee Wallace plays Donna Trenton, a mom with marital problems, and a young Danny Pintauro (of Who's the Boss? fame) stars as her son Tad. The two find themselves in big trouble when their car breaks down miles from town and the family dog appears to be very, very ill. Cujo, a Saint Bernard, has been bitten by a rat and is none too friendly for most of the film. It took five different dogs, one mechanical head, and one guy in a dog suit to get the shots of Cujo's raging, and perhaps that's why this film has a slight cheese factor. The movie might not have nabbed any nominations or awards, but it remains a horrifying tale.