15 Stephen King Stories Made Into Films


Christine (1983)

Stephen King was so popular in the early 1980s that Christine wasn't even published before preproduction began on the movie version. Producers took a chance on his latest story about a boy and his car. That's right -- Christine is a car, not a girl. Arnie Cunningham, who might have been played by Kevin Bacon if he hadn't chosen Footloose instead, is a high-school nerd who falls in love with a 1958 Plymouth Fury. The car is possessed and threatens to kill anyone who tries to get in its way. The story and the film are well known but not regarded as King's best. The author has the uncanny ability to tap into people's basic fears (rejection, clowns, ghosts...), but his portrayal of a fearsome car didn't terrorize audiences as much as some of his other menaces.