14 Notable Grand Ole Opry Performers

Elvis Presley

The most famous and successful name in modern music didn't actually fair very well when he appeared at the Opry in 1954. It was Presley's only performance at the Opry -- the audience wasn't impressed by his raucous rockabilly style.

An angry Presley left after the show, swearing never to return. Who could blame him? The Opry manager at the time told him to leave music forever and go back to driving a truck. Obviously, Elvis didn't take his advice and went on to break every music industry record there was.


Helen Davies, Marjorie Dorfman, Mary Fons, Deborah Hawkins, Martin Hintz, Linnea Lundgren, David Priess, Julia Clark Robinson, Paul Seaburn, Heidi Stevens, and Steve Theunissen

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