11 Wacky 'Star Wars' Creatures We Love



Do not underestimate the Acklay. © HowStuffWorks 2016
Do not underestimate the Acklay. © HowStuffWorks 2016

In the "Star Wars" stories, getting tossed into a gladiator-style arena is always a very bad thing. You will undoubtedly face some horrid monstrosity aching to tear your entrails out through your throat. That's exactly the kind of end that faced Obi-Wan and company on Geonosis. There, below a jeering crowd, our hero faced off against a fearsome acklay.

Acklays look like a praying mantis-crab hybrid, only much, much bigger, about three times larger than a full-grown man. These are powerful animals with six muscular legs that they use to jab and wound their targets. Predictably, they also have jaws laced with ridiculously pointy teeth.

These creatures scurry with frightening speed and wield their foremost legs as primary weapons. With one swipe, they can break chains clean in two, and they shrug off damage from spears and the like. Obi-Wan escaped the acklay that attacked him, but not before nearly succumbing to the beast's attacks.