11 Wacky 'Star Wars' Creatures We Love

You do not want to meet one of these carnivores in a trash compactor. © HowStuffWorks 2016

Pro tip: If you ever set out to rescue a princess being held captive on a Death Star, don't attempt to escape through what you think is an air ventilation hatch. You may just wind up in a disgusting trash compactor that threatens to smoosh all of you into sludge. Worse yet, that compactor might be inhabited by a dianoga, as Luke, Han Solo and Princess Leia learned in the most unfortunate way possible.

Dianogas are tentacled organisms hailing from Vodran, capable of growing to more than 30 feet (10 meters) high, with bodies reminiscent of an octopus (albeit one with a toothy maw meant to chomp unlucky prey). The cephalopods eschew dry, clean habitats for the swampy, filthy confines of places like a Death Star sewer, where they happily snack on any meaty treats that wander within reach.

Although mindless, dianogas are dangerous to anyone who slips into their homes. As our intrepid "Star Wars" team found out, dianogas will observe prey from afar using eyeballs embedded at the end of fleshy stalks, and then attack without warning from the depths. They are sneaky, slithery and serious trouble for anyone approached.