11 Wacky 'Star Wars' Creatures We Love

You could do worse than to have a happabore helping you. © HowStuffWorks 2016

Bacon is vastly underrepresented in "Star Wars," so it's a relief that "The Force Awakens" features happabores, which had a distinctly hog-like shape and some similar gross traits, too.

Happabores have the bodies and legs of a hippo or a rhinoceros — immense girth sprouting stubby and almost comically short legs. The head of this creature, though, is what makes it unforgettable. It has beady, rhino-like eyes topped with bone spurs and a gigantic elongated face that ends in a huge snout. The nostrils alone are probably large enough for a human fist to slip inside, were you so inclined.

Happabores are easy enough to tame and could be used as sturdy mounts. That's only if you could stand their rancid breath, of course.

The "Star Wars" universe contains a multitude of critters scurrying and lumbering to and fro, populating the books and movies in a mass of quivering, furry or scaly flesh. Indeed, the unusual and downright wacky creatures that assist and afflict the Skywalkers are indispensable. Without this cast of side characters, the stories would lack the mystical magic that's helped them to endure for decades.

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