11 Wacky 'Star Wars' Creatures We Love

Recognize any of your favorite creatures from "Star Wars"? © HowStuffWorks 2016
Recognize any of your favorite creatures from "Star Wars"? © HowStuffWorks 2016

Wherever they roam in the universe, "Star Wars" characters are met with a motley crew of creatures, sometimes mild-mannered and sometimes monstrous. No matter their dispositions or intentions, you can always count on these organisms being more than a little bit weird.

Take wampas, for example. On the ice planet Hoth, one wampa grabbed Luke Skywalker and then hung him upside down in a cave. Now, clearly the wampas were a little lacking in hospitality, but what exactly are these things supposed to be, anyway?

They are obviously enormous furry monsters with sharp teeth meant to shred anything that looked scrumptious. They also are anything but mindless, possessing the intelligence to maintain their own icy homes, capture other beings, and then make nice meals out of them.

And don't even get us started on mynocks. These bizarre, bat-like critters behave like parasites, latching on to ships and biting into cables so that they could sip power. Incredibly, mynocks are so adaptable that they could live in the vacuum of space, where they even reproduce — by splitting in two, no less. Although mynocks are ugly and annoying, they are at least edible, providing far-flung outposts with a bit of meat now and then.

It seems that every "Star Wars" creature, large or small, has the alien appearance and odd demeanor to make it stand out from all of the other hordes of space creatures strewn across the galaxies. Keep reading and you'll get reacquainted with 11 of the wackiest creatures from the "Star Wars" saga.