11 Longest-running Daytime Soap Operas


All My Children (1970-????)

Susan Lucci with her 1999 Daytime Emmy.
Susan Lucci with her 1999 Daytime Emmy.
Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage/Getty Images

The brainchild of soap opera creator, writer, and producer Agnes Nixon, All My Children has been taking risks since its introduction on January 5, 1970. Set in fictional Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, this soap deals with serious issues and over the years has broached such controversial topics as abortion, drugs, homosexuality, rape, and even the Vietnam War. One of only two actors who have remained on the show for its entire run, Susan Lucci was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for 18 years in a row without a win for her role as Erica Kane. But Lucci was finally victorious in 1999.