10 Ways Our Moviegoing Experience Will Change

The CJ 4DPLEX system offers audiences a whole new level of entertainment immersion. © Gary Friedman/Getty Images

Forget the passive, gape-mouthed stares of an audience far removed from the on-screen action. In the theaters of tomorrow, you'll find yourself plopped into the middle of the story.

A South Korean company called CJ 4DPLEX offers what it calls a 4D movie experience. In 4DX theaters, the chairs tilt and bounce during car chases; mist falls and wind blows in the midst of an on-screen thunderstorm.

Odor even plays a role, as smells are timed to reach your nostrils during relevant portions of the film. You may get a whiff of gunpowder during an intense gunfight or detect the aroma of freshly brewed coffee during a morning scene in a downtown café.

This kind of movie experience adds about $6 to the price of your ticket. That's cheap when you consider the capital investment on the part of the theater company — retrofitting a theater with this technology is a tremendous expenditure, on the order of roughly $700,000.

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