10 Ways Our Moviegoing Experience Will Change

A Rift in Reality
Virtual reality has been lurking in social consciousness for quite some time, but only recently has it begun to really be a viable technology for consumer release. ©Dmitri Korobtsov/Getty Images

Head-mounted displays equipped with sharp video and high-fidelity sound are becoming more and more common. That's why devices like Oculus Rift may well enable the most convincing movie experiences ever, even if it all happens as you rest in your living room recliner.

Oculus Rift straps onto your head like an oversized pair of goggles. Inside is a display that nearly fills your entire field of view, making you feel like you've stepped right into a video game or movie. Thanks to carefully calibrated lenses and software, the view is in 3-D and thus, all the more convincing.

This kind of so-called virtual reality headset has been in developers' minds for decades, but the technology has never been up to par. Now, tools like Rift have faster processors, better screens and smarter software that makes them comfortable to use and fully engrossing for the mind.

Facebook recently purchased Oculus Rift. With the financial back of the social media giant, and competitors like the Sony Playstation VR and HTC Vive stepping into the VR headset game, virtual reality may at long last become reality.

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