10 Totally Unappreciated 'Star Wars' Droids

“As you can clearly see in this slide, it was me — ME — who healed Luke Skywalker, NOT that glory hound 2-1B. He’s not even looking at the patient!” We’ve ALL had to sit through FX-7’s angry PowerPoint rant. Image by HowStuffWorks

With all of the laser blasts ricocheting and lightsabers slashing, someone had do at least a little bit of healing. Often, that job went to medical droids like the FX-7.

The cylindrical and many-armed FX-7, as with so many other overlooked droids, played a pivotal role in "Star Wars" yet somehow escaped due credit or accolades. That's especially true in scenes following Luke Skywalker's unfortunate encounter with a wampa, which attacked him as he scouted the wastelands of Hoth.

Skywalker's wounds landed him in the bacta tank, which contained a slimy, translucent gel that restored him to health. A surgical droid with the model number 2-1B got the glory for saving Luke's life. However, it was the FX-7 droid that did the constant monitoring of Luke's status, ensuring that he'd live to fight the Empire another day.