10 Toys to Improve Your Next Water Balloon Fight

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Barbie Turns 60, Becomes an Astrophysicist

Barbie Turns 60, Becomes an Astrophysicist

Barbie, the ultimate classic doll, turns 60 this year. HowStuffWorks goes to the party.

Author's Note: 10 Toys to Improve Your Next Water Balloon Fight

I've had the privilege of spending the past five summers as a summer camp director, coming up with crazy ideas to entertain 100-plus kids. While kids of all ages love water balloons, I can still remember the work involved in filling 1,000-plus balloons every time we wanted to wage a balloon battle. Not only is there a ton of time involved, but tying all those knots does a number on your fingers; it's no surprise that I had to bribe the counselors with Popsicles to get them excited for water days. With that being said, I'm more than a little excited to learn about the Bunch O Balloons and self-sealing Zorbz balloons mentioned in this article. My hat goes off to their inventors, who should be raking it in from water-balloon fanatics everywhere.

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