10 Toys to Improve Your Next Water Balloon Fight

Improve Your Next Water Balloon Fight (7-5)

Water balloons filled with a little food coloring or paint added ups the excitement.
Water balloons filled with a little food coloring or paint added ups the excitement.

7: Sponge Balls

If your goal is simply to lob bombs of water at your friends, why limit yourself to water balloons? Sponge balls soak up the liquid and hold on to it in the air, guaranteeing a wet time for all. You can pick up these spongy balls at the store or make your own. For about what you'd pay for a pack of balloons, you can create water bombs you can reuse all summer. Cut the sponges into strips and tie them to form a simple star shape. Dunk in a bucket of water and use to replace or supplement your ammo stash during your next water balloon battle. Best of all, you won't have to waste time picking pieces of broken balloons out of the grass when you're done. Simply collect your sponges and move on to the next bit of fun.

6: Paint Set

Washable paints transform a standard water balloon fight into a colorful affair, and also increase the number of games you can incorporate into your day. Simply add a drop of paint to each balloon as you fill them for a rainbow of wet fun. Split your gang into teams and assign each team a color to see who has the best aim as you wage your color war. You can also use your paint set to outline images on one another's bodies -- or to put war paint on players' cheeks, knowing it will all wash away when the water balloon start flying.

5: Water Guns

Looking to get wet without the fear of a water balloon in the face? Water guns of all sorts can help you bring on the splashes without the pain, and without the need to fill and tie dozens of balloons. Go all out with large blasters designed to hold plenty of water -- backpack style models work well for extended battles -- or go the stealth route with a pair of small pistols you can whip out to surprise unsuspecting victims. To enjoy the excitement of water gun fights without the "gun" angle, look for water pump pistols or cannons, which look nothing like the "gun" style toys you're used to, but deliver the same splash.