10 Toys That Became Million-Dollar Franchises

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Barbie Turns 60, Becomes an Astrophysicist

Barbie Turns 60, Becomes an Astrophysicist

Barbie, the ultimate classic doll, turns 60 this year. HowStuffWorks goes to the party.

Author's Note: 10 Toys That Became Million-Dollar Franchises

When I first started brainstorming for this article, I was thinking along the lines of toys like the pet rock, which earned its inventor millions in the mid-70s. Once I got further along in my research, I realized that I really couldn't ignore these huge toy-based franchised in favor of smaller and lesser-known brands. If you'd like to learn more about these smaller toy franchises that are ready to hit the big-time, check out Rainbow Loom and Bannor Toys, just two of many small, independent toy makers poised to make it big in the tough world of toys. Hopefully they, and others like them, are the million-dollar franchises of the future.

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