10 Totally Rad '80s Toys… And Where They Are Now

Rubik's Cube
The iconic Rubik's Cube provides hours of entertainment – or frustration, depending on your outlook. Alexandra Jursova/Getty Images

Launched in 1980, the seemingly impossible-to-solve Rubik's Cube went on to sell more than 350 million units, ensuring that virtually every '80s kid tried -- and failed -- to solve the puzzle at some point [source: Rubiks.com]. If your Rubik's Cube languished in the corner of your room, a tangled mess of colors tossed aside in frustration, take heart; it took creator Enro Rubik more than a month to solve his own puzzle, and he's the guy who actually invented it. Of course, savvy kids came up with their own ways to finlly ensure each side of the cube contained a single color -- either by removing and replacing the stickers, or popping the pieces apart with a screwdriver and reassembling them in secret before bragging to friends how they'd "solved" the puzzle.

Where It Is Now: The timeless toy is about as ubiquitous a piece of Americana as there is, and though it may not populate as many office desks and dorm rooms as it once did, it has inspired legions of "cubers" who compete in tournaments, and numerous YouTube tutorials offer competing solution theories.