10 Tips for Hosting a Fantasy Football Draft


Make It Fun

Your draft is a key time to build league camaraderie. Make sure everyone who attends is introduced to the other owners if they don't already know them. During the draft, you should encourage the boasts, jokes and smack talk that goes along with any NFL event.

If you hold the party at your home, put up some football-themed decorations. Get hold of DVDs of highlights from last year's top games or a compilation of bloopers and play them on a large-screen TV to set the mood. If you can, locate key plays by some of the players who'll be among the sought-after studs in the draft.

As the draft is winding down, ask owners to make predictions about the season and how they expect to line up against the competition. Encourage them to analyze the picks made by other owners. Who do they expect to be the league's most valuable players by season's end?