10 Tips for Hosting a Fantasy Football Draft


Pick a Time and Place

Schedule your draft early. The typical time for drafts is around Labor Day as the exhibition games are winding down and the season is about to begin. It's a busy time. Not only are there a slew of end-of-summer and back-to-school activities, but you're also likely to come into conflict with the drafts of other fantasy leagues. Some of your owners may play in more than one league, remember.

You'll need a space with comfortable furniture and room for all your owners. You'll want to have an internet connection in order to keep abreast of injury reports and to give owners access to online player rankings. A large-screen television with sports subscription is a definite plus.

If you're holding the draft at your home, make sure everyone can fit into your living room, family room or finished basement. If the weather's good, a patio or deck is another option.

Many organizers schedule the draft at a local sports bar or restaurant. Plenty of venues offer package deals for fantasy football drafts, including deals on drinks and food and equipment like draft boards. Resorts and golf clubs have also gotten into the market. Some offer a full day of activities, including golf and an open bar.