10 Terrifying Moments on Unscripted TV


Whalers Use Lethal Force in the Antarctic

Regardless of your stand on certain environmental issues, "Whale Wars" is an exciting, often terrifying show. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has antagonized and confronted the Japanese whaling fleet for years, but in the third season of the show, aggression really heats up. Until the episode "Sliced in Two," all attacks by both parties are nonlethal, with the whalers using powerful deck-based water cannons and the Sea Shepherds opting for loud noise disruptors, spud guns and paint. But in this episode, the whalers have enough. They purposefully crash into the Shepherds' small stealth ship, the Ady Gil, cutting it in half.

For several terrifying minutes, it looks like the Ady Gil crew is lost. Their boat lies in pieces, and no radio contact can be established. While the whalers make moves to lower a small inflatable boat into the water, with the presumed intention of capturing survivors, the Shepherds act quickly to rescue their cohorts. While all crew members survive the accident, the confrontation stands as one of the most frightening moments ever captured on the open seas.