Top 10 Tailgating Supplies


Weather Gear

These Chicago Bears fans are bundled up on a chilly game day.
These Chicago Bears fans are bundled up on a chilly game day.
Scott Boehm/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

While true sports fans never let bad weather ruin a good tailgate, you can make your day a lot more comfortable with some simple protective gear. For cold-weather game days, bring along a few fleece throws or stadium blankets to keep you warm during the tailgate and the game itself. If temperatures are expected to dip below freezing, or you plan to start the celebration before dawn, consider adding thick gloves and disposable heat packs for extra warmth. Don't forget hats, scarves and other clothing that displays your favorite team logo.

To prepare for a hot, sunny day, bring along sunglasses and visors to protect your eyes from the sun. Consider adding a portable fan or spray mister to cool you down when temperatures soar, and bring a beach umbrella to provide shade during the pregame action.

Of course, nothing spoils a party like rain. Pack a plastic tarp in your vehicle to cover food and other supplies during a storm, and remember to bring umbrellas for everyone in your party. Emergency rain ponchos in team colors can also help you support your team and stay dry at the same time.