10 Surprisingly Canceled TV Shows

'Veronica Mars'
‘Veronica Mars' had more loyal followers than most, because it was revived for a movie deal after fans donated money to a Kickstarter. CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

The biggest mystery in this UPN and CW private investigator series is where the fans were hiding. The ratings were not great, and "Veronica Mars" lasted for three seasons, ending in 2007. Show creator Rob Thomas was its biggest fan and tried to keep it alive. He left loose ends at the close of the final season in hopes that there'd be an opportunity to tie them up. Thomas even pitched a spin-off series using a trailer on the "Veronica Mars" DVD. Do you think she'd hook up with the FBI?

Warner Brothers, who owned the rights to the show, wasn't interested. Finally, in 2012, Thomas and series star Kristen Bell got the go-ahead to make a "Veronica Mars" movie. They used Kickstarter's crowdfunding platform to raise money. Suddenly, fans were everywhere. Supporters went wild, pledging $1 million in four hours, a Kickstarter record. But Thomas and Bell were only halfway there. They had to wait another 12 hours to reach their goal of $2 million. Such patience. When time was up, the duo had received more than $5 million from about 90,000 donations. There's a clue in there somewhere... [source: Sneed].