10 Surprisingly Canceled TV Shows

When a show's creator 'cheats' on a new show with another newbie, things can get messy. Stephen Shugerman/Stringer

"Deadwood" was a complex, lively show for three seasons, beginning in 2004. Set during the Gold Rush era, this HBO series chronicled the evolution of the wild western town as it inched toward law and order. Critics were enthusiastic and fans were loyal. A five-year run had been planned. So what went wrong?

The creator of the show, David Milch, had begun developing a new series, "John from Cincinnati." HBO wanted him to focus on that, and there's only so much time in the day. The network tried a compromise and proposed six rather than 12 episodes for season four. Milch nixed that idea, returned to "Cincinnati" and "Deadwood" died in 2006. Viewers didn't tune into Milch's new show and it bit the dust after only one season. Apparently South Dakota has a bigger fan base than Ohio.