10 Surprisingly Canceled TV Shows

'Terra Nova'
'Terra Nova' averaged nice ratings for its freshman season, but even that couldn't save it from dropping out of the on-air game. Frederick M. Brown/Stringer

Dinosaurs are cool, but they're also expensive. CGI dinosaurs don't come cheaply — but they're undoubtedly more affordable than real ones. FOX's 2011 series "Terra Nova" had humans traveling back 85 million years to mingle with the ancient creatures. The series was popular with critics and got decent ratings. Though it averaged 7.5 million viewers per episode, only a small percentage of them were in the important 18 to 49 demographic [source: Goldberg].

FOX made "Terra Nova" extinct three months after its finale aired, while show runners were developing the new storyline. "Terra Nova" had the distinction of being the highest-rated canceled show of the year. When DVR viewing was added, the show had an audience of more than 10 million [source: Hibberd]. Told you. Dinosaurs are way cool.

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