Say it Ain't So, Joe: 10 Infamous Sports Cheating Scandals

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When Scoring a World Cup Goal Backfires

When Scoring a World Cup Goal Backfires

Own goals happen in soccer when a player accidentally knocks the ball into the wrong net. HowStuffWorks looks at why they happen at the World Cup.

Author's Note: 10 Infamous Sports Cheating Scandals

The scandal that spoke to me the most while researching this article was definitely Rosie Ruiz cheating at the Boston Marathon in 1980. I'm a runner, too, and in 2011, my running partner and I went through marathon training. He was getting ready for the Chicago Marathon, and I was training along, just to see how far I could make it.

The training program we followed culminates in a 20 mile run, and doing that distance is one of the hardest things that I've ever done. There were moments that I wanted to just quit and go home, moments where I felt like I could run forever, and other moments where it felt like I wasn't even there -- I was just watching someone run. Hopping on a bus would have been pretty tempting at around mile 17. I barely remember the last 3 miles; there were moments where I would realize that I'd started walking and not remember deciding to slow down.

Training for a marathon is more than a physical push -- it's very emotional. I can't imagine how the other runners in Boston must have felt in 1980 after all of that training when they discovered that a fellow runner had cheated like that.

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