10 Spin-off TV Shows That Made It Big

'The Jeffersons'
"The Jeffersons" was one of many television shows that got its start thanks to "All in the Family." Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

In 1975, George Jefferson was eager to move out of Queens. You would be, too, if your neighbor was Archie Bunker. This CBS spin-off of "All in the Family" featured an African-American couple, George and Louise, who rose from their humble beginnings and moved into an expensive high rise. The husband was as distrustful of other races as Archie Bunker. Prejudice was a prominent issue. The show was the first to feature an interracial couple – the Jeffersons' neighbors Tom and Helen Willis – as part of the regular cast. The comedy handled other serious issues, as well, including sexism, class struggle and family dynamics.

"The Jeffersons" wasn't the only spin-off from "All in the Family" (itself an Americanized version of a British show called "Till Death Us Do Part). "Maude," "Gloria," "Archie Bunker's Place," and "Good Times" – the latter of which was technically a "Maude" spin-off – had the same lineage. However, the spin-off about urban transplants was one of the most successful. During its 11-year run, "The Jeffersons" received 14 Emmy nominations and had two wins, including one for Isabel Sanford as outstanding actress in a comedy [source: Television Academy -- Jeffersons]. Way to go, Weezy.