10 Science Toys Kids Will Love

Dismayed by the focus on boys she saw in the marketing of traditional engineering toys (like the pictured Erector Set), Debbie Sterling founded Goldieblox to bring more girls into engineering. Rae Russel/Getty Images

When the original building toys known as Erector Sets were first introduced around a century ago, they came with a very specific slogan -- "Hey Boys! Make Lots of Toys" -- which made it clear that girls should stick to dolls and dress up. While there's certainly no shortage of gender-neutral building sets for boys and girls today, the GoldieBlox line is specifically designed to appeal to girls. These kits not only include building materials to craft a variety of products, but each also includes a character-based story, which adds a relationship element not found in many other toys. Girls are challenged to read the story and use the components in the kit to craft a structure that solves a problem -- which may range from building the perfect parade float to assembling a functional zipline.