10 Scary Movies Where the Pets Don't Die

Deagle, Peltzer and Barney square off. (Also, hi Judge Reinhold!) Warner Brothers/Getty Images

In this '80s classic, Billy Peltzer and the town of Kingston Falls are beset by a marauding band of bizarre reptilian-type creatures called gremlins, which morph out of seemingly harmless, furry creatures called Mogwai when fed after midnight. While it's filled with dark humor, there's no doubt that "Gremlins" is a horror movie – the gremlins are murderous monsters that kill several humans in brutal, grotesque ways. Peltzer's dog Barney, however, survives the mayhem.

Barney seems to be in jeopardy from the opening scene, when mean Mrs. Deagle threatens to kill the friendly, but clumsy mutt for breaking her imported ceramic snowman. In fact, when Barney is later found strung up in a tangle of Christmas lights, Peltzer assumes it was Deagle (Nope, gremlins!). Despite appearing to be in some discomfort, Peltzer untangles Barney, and his dog is fine. Peltzer's dad then takes the pooch away for most of the movie. He returns for the climactic scene in a department store but is never in any serious danger. We see Barney hanging out with the Peltzers at the movie's end.