10 Toys So Popular They Incited Violence

Hello Kitty
Shoppers enjoy the plethora of pink in a Hello Kitty store in Japan. Will Robb/Gety Images

At 40 years old, Hello Kitty is still as hot as ever. Only she doesn't have a fantastic wrinkle cream or workout regimen to credit. Nope, the success of this global phenomenon continues to wow thanks to adorable products, marketing and tons of good old-fashioned hype. However, despite her appeal, she leaves a significant amount of damage in her wake. In 2000, seven Singapore-area enthusiasts were injured when a glass door at a McDonald's restaurant shattered under pressure of customers desperate to get their hands on Hello Kitty swag [source: Associated Press].

Fast-forward to 2013 and police had to be called in to quell chaos at another McDonald's in Singapore where the kitties in skeleton outfits went on sale. Even in 2014, online shoppers caused virtual damage by crashing McDonald's servers in an attempt to purchase cool new collectibles. Furious would-be shoppers trashed the chain and lamented their inability to purchase the brand's latest incarnations [source: Singapore AFP]. Hell hath no fury like a Hello Kitty buyer scorned.