10 Toys So Popular They Incited Violence

Beanie Babies
Ty Warner, the founder of Ty Inc., the company that created Beanie Babies, poses with some of his collection. © Kevin Horan/Corbis

The 1990s will go down in history for producing several riot-worthy toys. Beanie Babies swept the world with their cuddly, squishy cuteness, precious names and potential as serious collectibles. People trolled stores to find the latest and greatest designs, and frequented McDonald's with abandon once the little guys were introduced in miniature version as Happy Meal toys. The toys sparked a riot in Ogden, Utah, with 60 people pushing and shoving before a story opened. Police had to be called in to calm everybody down [source: Bryson].Ironically the Beanie Babies never rose in value to be worth anything much in 2014 [source: Rush].

Still, some people must have thought they were worth going to jail over, as evidenced by a 2011 home invasion at knifepoint, when two teens absconded with six Beanie Babies belonging to a child, among other items. Both men were arrested and charged with multiple counts, including aggravated assault and robbery [source: Curtis]. Forget beanies – these guys were meanies!