10 Toys So Popular They Incited Violence

"Frozen" Swag
Producers of the Disney on Ice show "Frozen" Nicole Feld (left) and Alana Feld (far right) pose with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa in 2014. Cindy Ord/Getty Images for FELD Entertainment

Elsa. If you haven't heard her name, you clearly don't live in the vicinity of little girls or even their parents, for that matter. The leading lady of the juggernaut Disney movie "Frozen," which is the highest-grossing animated flick of all time, has so saturated society that it's not shocking in the least that related merchandise has incited actual violence [source: Vary].

Demand for "Frozen" swag was so out of control at a store opening in Wales that grown women were witnessed "scrapping" over the dregs as inventory began to dwindle [source: Kelly]. Now, I've only seen the film one time, but I'm pretty sure that Queen Elsa would have frowned upon this behavior and told them to "freeze" and "let it go," already. It's simply gauche to tarnish the reputation of the good people of Arendelle, Wales, over some silly themed lip balms, right?