10 NFL Busts

Todd Marinovich
Quarterback Todd Marinovich of the Los Angeles Raiders looks on during a game against the New York Giants at the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium in 1992.
Quarterback Todd Marinovich of the Los Angeles Raiders looks on during a game against the New York Giants at the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium in 1992.
Ken Levine /Allsport/Getty Images

Todd Marinovich had a world of expectations heaped on him from the time he was a little boy. His father, Marv Marinovich, had seen his own NFL dreams dashed and raised his son to be a quarterback. The intense family training seemed to work: Todd Marinovich played brilliantly at University of Southern California before being drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1991.

But from a young age, Marinovich dabbled in illegal substances to cope with pressure and his father's expectations. The seriousness of his addiction grew during his time in the spotlight. His performance suffered: The 100.3 quarterback rating he held in 1991 plummeted to 58.2 the following year. After failing his third NFL drug test in August 1993, he was cut from the league.

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