10 Must-see Fields to Visit Before You Die


AT&T Park

Though some of the players on the San Francisco Giants might be on steroids (*cough* Barry Bonds *cough*), AT&T Park definitely enhances the fan experience. The stadium not only has views of the San Francisco Bay, it also has a giant Coke bottle above the left field bleachers. When the Giants hit a home run, the bottle lights up and spews bubbles. But that's not the best part: Inside the giant Coke bottle is a slide, which fans can slide down instead of, you know, watching the game. AT&T Park is also famous for McCovey Cove, where fans in boats can drop anchor to fish stray balls out of the water -- and for being one of the largest public WiFi hotspots. With its proximity to Silicon Valley, you can bet that at any Giants home game, the nerd quotient is going to be sky high.

If you actually care about the game, and not the Build-a-Bear workshop that's behind the outfield, know that AT&T Park isn't exactly a hitter's park. Still, it was at this park that Barry Bonds hit his 500th career home run, his 600th career home run and his 700th career home run -- but never took any steroids, amirite?