10 Must-see Fields to Visit Before You Die


Marlins Park

"You know what would make baseball better? Fish." -- Roger Maris

Fine...Roger Maris probably never said that (though we can never be sure!) but someone has. How do we know? The new Marlins Park in Miami.

Baseball's newest and smallest park (it seats just 37,442 fans) is a contemporary behemoth, meant to evoke Miami as a futuristic, forward looking city. With fish.

Behind home plate are two 450-gallon aquariums filled with 50 tropical fish each. We're assuming the aquariums are made from shatter-proof glass; otherwise PETA would have a big problem with passed balls. If fans get jealous watching the fish swim around, they can go for a swim themselves at the Clevelander -- a club behind the left-field wall that has food, drinks and, yes, a swimming pool.

Beyond the aquatic attractions, Marlins Park houses some great Miami-inspired food, including Cuban sandwiches and stone crabs. Just remember that you'll have to wait at least an hour before going swimming.

If the food, the fish and the swimming fans don't entertain you, you could always watch the Marlins play. The stadium is air-conditioned, so even in the worst Florida heat, games are played at a comfortable 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23.9 degrees Celsius). And, because of its small size, almost every seat at Marlins Park feels like it's close to the action.