10 Must-see Fields to Visit Before You Die


Safeco Field

Safeco Field in Seattle, Wash.
Safeco Field in Seattle, Wash.
Jerry Driendl/Getty Images

While the Mariners may not be a consistent marvel of athleticism, the retractable roof at Seattle's Safeco Field is a marvel of engineering. That roof covers 9 acres and weighs 22 million pounds. But it's probably best to not think about all that weight coming crashing down while you're enjoying a game. Without that roof, Safeco Field would be known more for rainouts that anything else, but if you're extra-paranoid, stay near left field -- that part of the park is left open all the time. Not only does the open space keep the park from smelling like thousands of baseball fans who have been munching on garlic fries (more on those in a moment), but it also provides great views of Mount Rainier.

The roof at Safeco isn't the only heavy thing at the ballpark. With some of the best food in the major leagues, a visit to Safeco means you should probably wear pants with an elastic waistband. At Safeco you can get sushi, crepes, pad thai, barbeque and, of course, the stadium's famous garlic fries. That should make the kiss-cam extra stinky.