10 Movies Based on Scientific Falsehoods

The plus side of the “Sharknado” series of films is that it’s campy — it really isn’t trying to pretend that there’s any sort of actual science in the mix. ©Syfy/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The cult hit "Sharknado" illogically (and hilariously) combines two primal fears — sharks and tornados. The idea is completely nuts, but that's beside the point. Absurdity is the order of the day in this B film.

Once again, it's poor, beleaguered Los Angeles that's at the center of this disaster flick. But the city has never seen a catastrophe quite like this one. Huge waterspouts form off of the coast, causing enormous waves and flooding. More ominously, the spouts suck hundreds of sharks into their funnels. The toothy fish are then spewed all over the metro area, lacerating the locals and essentially spreading chaos of the most bizarre kind.

We probably don't need to spend much of your time reviewing the inconsistencies and unrealities of a flying shark infestation. But in the unlikely occurrence that such a powerful storm struck a major city, you'd have much more to fear from the hurricane-like power of the weather than you would any toothy, flying fish.

Whether it's sharks, volcanos or superheroes Hollywood is always going to take more than a little theatrical license with its products. While the more literal of us will roll our eyes at the silly and egregious scientific mistakes in these movies, it's these exaggerations and outright fantasies that make films so much fun.

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