10 Most Game-Changing Developments in the TV Industry


No TV Required

Even people who watch shows on computer monitors or smartphones call it "watching tv." © Doreen Fiedler/dpa/Corbis
Even people who watch shows on computer monitors or smartphones call it "watching tv." © Doreen Fiedler/dpa/Corbis

For a television show, you need camera, cast, crew, set...but not necessarily a TV. In this increasingly high-tech era, you don't need a television to watch a show. TV has become portable with the use of smartphones, tablets and computers. Network and other streaming video services make it easier for viewers by issuing Apps for their devices. Phones and computers are the substitutes of choice, while the popularity of tablets is declining [source: Technalysis]. Computers are multipurpose devices, and phones are smaller, so they're easier to lug around.

For consumers, moving away from the television can save money, too. Several viewing options, such as Hulu and Crackle, are free. Though you have to pay for others, the cost is still significantly less than a cable subscription. In 2011, the average cable bill set consumers back $86 per month, and it was expected to keep climbing. But for about $86, you could get a year's worth of Hulu Plus or Netflix [source: O'Connor]. Portable, less expensive: what's not to love?

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