10 of the Most Binge-watched TV Shows

'Orphan Black'
Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris, stars of the show, laugh at a panel discussion. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

A former foster child with no blood relations suddenly discovers she actually has one ... and another, and another and another. In this BBC America show, Tatiana Maslany portrays several different characters, including — but not nearly limited to — a suburban mom, police officer, scientist, psychopath and down-on-her-luck mother. At various points they discover they're genetically linked, but there are mysteries surrounding that fact. Where did they all come from, and why is it such a secret? And what lengths will the conspirators go to in order to keep it under wraps?

It's hard to stop watching Maslany's performances, which earned her Critics' Choice awards for best dramatic actress. More than wigs and clothing changes differentiate the characters. Their voices, speech patterns, mannerisms, facial expressions, gaits and body language are all different. It's almost like dissociative identity disorder purposely channeled for television success. Maslany's characters interact with each other seamlessly, talking, drinking and even battling hand-to-hand. It's amazing — and exhausting — to see one individual cover so much territory.