10 of the Most Binge-watched TV Shows

'Breaking Bad'
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston toast, probably to five successful seasons — the show won 16 Emmys. Mark Davis/Getty Images

Ever had one of those days when nothing goes right? Mild-mannered Walter White, the center of AMC's "Breaking Bad," has one of those lives. Working to support his family on a science teacher's salary, the non-smoking Walter develops inoperable lung cancer. While some men might give up, Walter decides on a secret mission. He's going to use his knowledge of chemistry to cook high-quality meth in order to provide a nest egg for his family. He partners with Jesse, a lackluster former student who doesn't know much about science but is versed in the drug trade.

After winning 16 Emmys (acting, outstanding drama, editing), "Breaking Bad" finished telling Walter and Jesse's story. Walter begins as a desperate man who wants to produce drugs ethically: "We are going to make a good product that does what it is supposed to, as advertised. No emulsifiers, no baking powder, no bleach, no chili powder" [source: AMC]. Eventually, the money and power get to Walter, and he becomes a stonehearted criminal: "I am the danger" [source: Costello]. Jesse is along for the roller coaster ride, as well, but his car is on a different track. He goes from being an amoral punk — "What good is being an outlaw when you have responsibilities?"— to someone more enlightened and self-aware: "But you know what? I saved Mike from getting robbed. Even killed, maybe. So maybe I'm not such a loser after all" [source: AMC]. Those who watch the show are definitely winners.

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