10 Famous People Buried in Unmarked Graves

Bobby Driscoll
Young Bobby Driscoll looks up at Arthur Kennedy in a scene from 'The Window.' Driscoll died penniless of heart failure and was buried in a pauper's grave. RKO Radio Pictures/Getty Images)

Peter Pan is still known today as "the boy who never grew up," but the child who voiced one of Disney's most popular parts most definitely did, and went on to live a very hard life. One of Hollywood's original child actors, Bobby Driscoll voiced the part of Pan, but was also acclaimed for his roles in classics "Treasure Island" and "The Window," among others. Once puberty hit with all its skin-ruining, voice-changing glory, studios dropped him like a hot potato, and he turned instead to drugs and criminal activity [source: Des Moines Register].

He died in New York City at age 31 inside an abandoned apartment. The autopsy concluded that years of drug abuse caused catastrophic heart failure. Sadly, lack of identification forced officials to place him in an unmarked pauper's grave [source: IMDB]. His own mother, seeking his whereabouts a year later, found out he had died when police identified him using fingerprints they had collected before he was buried [source: Des Moines Register].