10 Famous People Buried in Unmarked Graves

John Wayne
This close-up of John Wayne's gravestone lets you read the inspiring quote. David Mcnew/Getty Images

John Wayne was, is and probably always will be an iconic "man's man." His public persona was rife with rough-around-the-edges Wild West appeal. So it makes sense that he'd have a no-frills burial in keeping with his image, right? Except that's not why his family chose to place the Oscar winner in an unmarked grave. Loved ones simply wished to prevent his final resting place from becoming an over-the-top shrine, as is often the case with pop culture figures (Jim Morrison, anyone?) They did it as much out of concern for the other permanent residents of Pacific View Memorial Park in Orange County, California, as they did for the world's most famous cowboy [source: Los Angeles Times].

In 1998, nearly 20 years after he succumbed to lung cancer, an understated bronze plaque was added to the gravesite where he's buried. So if you decide to mosey on down, honor The Duke by being respectful, OK, pardner?

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