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Jimmy Page's 'No. 1' Gibson Les Paul Standard
Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page shreds his famous "No. 1" Gibson Les Paul Standard while performing alongside Leona Lewis during the Closing Ceremony for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on Aug. 24, 2008. Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Jimmy Page blew the top off rock with his incendiary solos for Led Zeppelin. And he's also justly famous for beautiful, plaintive riffs like the intro to "Stairway to Heaven," which has become so ubiquitous that the guitar shop in "Wayne's World" famously banned it from being played.

When Page started with the Yardbirds, he strummed a Fender Telecaster, but in 1969, his friend Joe Walsh of the James Gang, insisted that he try out a Gibson Les Paul. Page liked it a lot, so Walsh handed it over for a reasonable price. The amount paid varies in the telling but it was somewhere between $500 and $1,200. This guitar went on to become Page's favorite, and he's played it on all of Led Zeppelin's major recordings and live shows.

Over the years, Page has bought and used other Les Pauls, which led him to dub that original instrument his "No. 1." He's said of it that it's both his mistress and his wife, with the added benefit of requiring no alimony [source: Graham].