10 Crazy Examples of Horrible Movie Science



I've got you! Oh, whoops ...
I've got you! Oh, whoops ...

Shoving someone off the roof of a terror-inducingly tall building is such an irresistible way to jazz up a humdrum plot that few action writers can resist plunking it into a story when their muse is on a coffee break. Maybe a hero will come to the rescue; maybe the victim will end up as a pulpy pile of mush. Whatever is needed to elicit cheers or gasps from the audience.

Just one problem: Catching someone from such a fall isn't really going to help. Both of those scenarios will, in fact, result in the human being bursting open like a watermelon when they touch a solid surface. Be it Optimus Prime's metallic mitt, Spider-Man's protective embrace or Superman's swooping last-minute grab, it will leave the person just as dead as if they had actually eaten pavement.

There are plenty of examples, but "Transformers" is a repeat offender.