10 Movies That Were Supposedly Cursed

John Belushi with wife Judith poses at the premiere party for "Animal House," a project that wasn't as ill-fated as "Atuk" would prove to be. Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage/Getty Images

This curse is a weird one because it's basically the same as "Confederacy of Dunces." It's the rare case where a single curse is powerful to cover two unmade comedy films. Almost everything is the same: John Belushi was set to star in this satire about an Inuit hunter in New York City, but he died. John Candy and Chris Farley were also going to play Atuk at various times, but they died before production began.

The difference with "Atuk" is that the movie was about to be filmed with comedian Sam Kinison. Kinison himself demanded creative control of the project and wanted to rewrite major parts of the script, then allegedly threatened to intentionally do a bad job acting if he didn't get his way [source: Raouf]. There were lawsuits, but it all came to nothing when Kinison died in a car crash.

The message here? Don't mess with "Atuk."

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