10 Creepy TV Show Fan Theories

Zack Morris Resides in Fantasyland
Zack Morris (played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, left) is just dreaming up an elaborate fantasy where he's a stud; deep down, he's still the dork from Indiana he was in his previous show. Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage/Getty Images

Die-hard "Saved By the Bell"-ers may already know that the ultra-cheesy, but mega-popular 1990s sitcom was actually a spinoff of "Good Morning, Miss Bliss," a Disney Channel show that included such characters as Zack Morris, Mr. Belding, Lisa and the loveable nerd Screech. The show ran from 1987 to 1989 and took place in Indiana, not California, where SBTB was set [source: IMDB].

The conspiracy lies herein: During GMMB, Zack was – don't shoot the messenger – a loser with zero mojo. All of a sudden, SBTB debuts and he's been transplanted with a number of friends and his principal to sunny California, where he always manages to pick up girls, make mistakes and learn his lessons in a disarming, amiable fashion. While Zack and co. maintain their previous character names, a couple of his "best" friends are never seen again (maybe they crossed paths with the Count during the move?). The theory is that SBTB is an elaborate fantasy world in which Zack is the Golden Boy Who Can Do No Wrong, as opposed to the sad guy with crappy friends and no game [source: Bailey]. Is it possible? I guess so, but it's more likely that producers saw greater potential for Zack's character as a stud ladies' man and decided to take him somewhere he'd be able to look good in a bathing suit.