10 Classic Toys That Could Kill You

Polly Pockets
A Polly Pocket doll sits on a store shelf in Arlington, Va. in 2007. Mattel recalled millions of these due to reports of children ingesting the small, powerful magnets. © JIM YOUNG/Reuters/Corbis

In 2006, Mattel recalled more than 4 million Polly Pocket play sets -- miniature plastic dolls with magnetized clothes -- after children swallowed loose magnets. While the kids may have mistakenly believed the magnets to be candy, some teens used the magnets to imitate nose or lip piercings, and accidentally ingested them as well [source: Safe Kids]. In either case, they set off a potentially fatal chain of events.

When multiple magnets are ingested, they can connect inside the body, and tear through the lining of the stomach or intestinal walls, which may result in death. Surgery is required to repair the damage and remove the magnets [source: NBC News]. You can find redesigned Polly Pockets in toy stores in 2013.