10 Classic Hollywood Cliches Still Used Today

This was Olivia Newton-John after her makeover from demure Sandy to sexy Sandy in 'Grease.' Hollywood sure loves a makeover. Paramount/Getty Images

I've known plenty of perfectly popular people who wear glasses. In the movies, however, any old character can kiss a hopping social life good-bye if caught in a bespectacled state. Fortunately for characters like the one played by Patrick Dempsey in 1980s cult classic "Can't Buy Me Love," corrective eyewear can be easily removed and hair product applied to serve social status-improving purposes.

"Mean Girls," "Grease" and "She's All That" (well-known for its trope-worthy tendencies) all feature nerds, goody-two-shoes and otherwise naïve characters who get to see how the popular half lives following transformative, if totally unnecessary, makeovers. And if the makeover can be done as a montage set to a pop song, so much the better.