10 Classic Hollywood Cliches Still Used Today

Villain Monologues
Mike Myers (center) spoofed the typical longwinded villain when he played Dr. Evil in 1997's 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.' Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Cinematic villains love nothing more than to explain themselves via eloquent, thoughtful monologues while watching prey squirm like ants under a magnifying glass. From "Cape Fear" to "The Matrix," these detailed declarations might advance the plot forward, but we know the real reason for this most classic of tropes -- bad dudes love to brag [source: Max Level Geek].

Examples are so numerous you can subdivide this type of monologue into categories. There's the long-winded detailing of how the victim is going to die (almost any James Bond flick), the "let's explain some key plot points" speech (always a bad sign that the screenwriters think the plot has befuddled viewers) and the ever-popular, "let me wax philosophical" monologue. Exhibit A: Agent Smith in "The Matrix" opining to Neo, bound and gagged in a chair: "I believe that as a species, human beings define their realities ... misery ... suffering."

You wonder why the villain just doesn't get out his gun and kill the hero. But that wouldn't allow enough time for the good guy's friends to show up and save the day. The sad truth? In most cases, Evil Guy would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling monologues. Zoinks!