10 Canceled TV Shows That Came Back

Animated series "Futurama" started out on Fox but ended its career on Comedy Central. Comedy Central

Aliens, humans, robots: Is that a golden cast or what? Fox thought so, for a while, at least, running the animated series from 1999 to 2003. The show's time slot varied, though, and ratings weren't stellar. After cancelation, the show made its way into syndication on Comedy Central. However, it didn't retire quietly, as most well behaved reruns do. Straight-to-DVD films were produced. They were also edited and aired as episodes. Still, "Futurama" had a greater future.

In 2009, Comedy Central brought the series back for 26 new episodes. Optimistic, the network repeated its order. By 2013, all new segments had appeared, and "Futurama" was cut for the second time. Still, there was nothing to be ashamed of: seven seasons with 140 episodes spread over 14 years. That's a glorious past.