10 Canceled TV Shows That Came Back

'The Killing'
"The Killing" actors Joel Kinnaman, Mireille Enos and Liam James at the 2012 second-season premiere. Lester Cohen/Getty Images

One murder. Two detectives. Would the case be solved? In 2011, AMC bet that viewers would tune in to find out. The show was dark, grim and complex, but the audience was hooked on the mystery. However, a rebellion brewed at the end of the first season when the murder wasn't solved. Viewers had put in a lot of time but got no payoff. The grumbling continued through the second season, which debuted with a significantly smaller audience. By the end of that year the solution to the murder made its appearance, but AMC still killed the show.

Netflix soon showed some interest in bringing "The Killing" back to life, but AMC decided to revive the show on its own. The third season brought moderate ratings, and AMC swung the ax again. Netflix was still standing by, and its persistence paid off. In 2014, a six-episode fourth season of "The Killing" aired on Netflix. All mysteries were resolved, the darkness had lifted and both networks declared everything done.